Menstrual War Paint


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Ilya One of my Favorite albums ever: touching, exciting, dark & fucking inspirational. When I write my novel, I always listen to it & Sunday School. My cold kisses from bloody Russia for you, girls. Wait for your next album (send me something like the LP ;) Stay young. Stay cool. Stay punk. Favorite track: The Beach.
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released June 22, 2012



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NUNCUNT Watertown, Connecticut

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Track Name: I Take Back Every Song
You told me very carefully that your heart was mine
You said it might as well be placed in a jar beside my bed
and that you'd never get me out of your head.

So I took your heart & I swallowed it whole
I really loved the taste, but wanted someone new to hold.
Now I still carry your heart but it just doesn't feel the same
I love this freedom, but I'm so sorry for the pain.

I'll never forget the times we'd cry & cuss and fight & fuss
I'll never forget the times we'd kiss & laugh and fuck & nap

You know I hate the cold and that's why I left
with so much confusion I figure'd it be best.
The snow has melted and the leftovers are gone
I'm getting out of your bed,
I take back every song.
Track Name: The Beach
I want to explore the deep ocean sea with you.
Our parents never went this deep underwater,
they were the ones who put those floaty things 20 feet from the shore.
We could be the ones who pop those floaty things.
We would need oxygen tanks as we ventured deeper underwater, put nitrous oxide in yours as a joke-even though you wouldn't think it was funny but it you just relax
I think you'd still enjoy yourself.
We'd get back to the shore & you'd yell at me,
put my head underwater for revenge.

I'd smile as I choked on salt water
then feeling more alive than ever
we'd make love on the beach.
Track Name: Come On, Let's Love
Even though the wine you bought was cheap
it still stained your carpet.
And even though we’d never get enough sleep
we’d still function without it.
And even though it didn’t mean much to you
I think I actually fell for it.

So let’s give this a chance
& get into more than just each other’s pants;
come on, let’s love.

Call me on the phone,
don’t care cell or home.
Tell me your favorite color,
I’m not your girlfriend-just a lover.
Tickle me until I cry,
hold my hand let’s watch the days go by.
Please be real & tell me how you feel &
we’ll make lots and lots of love.

Left your house last night,
wanted you didn’t want to fight.
You say you’ve got feelings…well
I’m a girl who needs real things,
like commitment and trust & kisses and hugs.
I won’t wait around while you fuck every girl in town.

Even though you said you cared about
you ripped my fucking heart out.
And even though you may read a lot about life
you have no clue what you’re talking about.
And even though you might feel fine right now
I hope it hits you someday that
the new girls in your bed could care less if you were dead.
How’s that, for love?
Track Name: Corduroys Off, Game On
I'm someone's ex-girlfriend & your finally her ex-boyfriend
& your corduroys are off and it's turnin' me on
You make me laugh when I'm here and even smile when your gone.

It wasn't just another drunken night
from the first time I saw you I thought we might
share a joint or a smile or two
but at the end of the night I was in bed with you.
After we spent some time starin'
my hands were suddenly running through your hair and
it felt so right.

I'm someone's ex-girlfriend & your finally her ex-boyfriend
& your corduroys are off and it's turnin' me on
You make me laugh when I'm here and even smile when your gone.

So you slowly moved in & I felt your skin
and I agree with what you said to me so
I'll sing to you and I know you'll feel it too
please stay for a while, I love to make you smile.
You feel so right.

And the smoke rises from our lips
as we eye each other's hips
& I don't want anyone else
and I don't need anyone else
because you kissed me like we'd known each other for years.
Track Name: I Wantastiquet You
I could sing an album just about your smile
Even though I haven’t seen it now for quite a while
& I could paint a picture of all the stuff in my heart
even though it would show how you could tear me apart.
And I could write a sonnet about looking in your eyes
Even though it’d hurt the feelings of all these other guys.

What else should I do I think I’m falling for you
What more should I say I’m lovin’ feeling this way
So let’s give this a shot I think I like you a lot.

So I’ll show you my favorite places
Around my hometown and some faces of people I’m sure you would adore.
And we’ll watch shooting stars from our favorite rock
And we’ll stay there until twelve o’clock or
maybe longer because with you I’m never bored.
& Although we’re sleeping separately a part of you will never leave me head or this bed.

I’d burn down every yankee dollar if it’d prove my love
I’d carve the biggest hill helmetless if it’d keep you around
I’d climb all of Wantastiquet if it’d make you smile.
Track Name: Unimagineably Compatible
You let my head rest upon the bones of your chest
& after we got all undressed I knew these feelings deserved to be confessed.

Now I'm not sure where to begin, but I do love the touch of your bare skin & wakin' up beside you in the morning
Even when you spend the whole night snoring.

You've got the most beautiful way about you
hate the idea of being without you love,
it's some kind of love.

You know you're so wonderful,
we're unimaginably compatible
and now that we're together I feel whole
and now I can finally feel home.

I love when we're alone in the dark or when we're on the phone miles a part. I swear I can hear when your smile starts and I can feel the beating of your heart.

You've got the beautiful way about you,
hate the idea of being with out you love,
it's some kind of love.

Hope that you know I've been singin' about you, love.
Track Name: The Extortion Song
Too much of you got into my system, baby
and no I don’t want one of those.
These pills are making me nauseous
next time we’ll be more cautious
when we’re takin’ off each other’s clothes.

Fluorescents flicker above my head in an outdated room
I want it dead. I smoke another cigarette.
Stuck behind a school bus on the way
and I just had to look away.
My face is red, my hands they shake.

I soak my words in menstrual war paint
and I sing them satisfied with no restraint.

Waiting room smells like regret and passion
Haven’t felt the first one but I’ve felt the last one
The only fucking son I want is shining in the sky
Not growing up inside of me thanks to some fucking guy.